Friday, January 1, 2010

Hi all and welcome to my second-hand stuff blogshop!

Like any other girl, I love shopping, but unfortunately, I don't have enough space in my closet for everything, especially all the new items which keep coming in!

It's such a shame to see good quality clothes going to waste, which is why I have decided to sell them off to anyone who wants to own these beauties which you might not be able to find on sale anymore.

Rest assured that even though they are second-hand items, I take great care of all my items (after all I did pay for them!), so you know that anything you buy from here is in excellent condition.

And its great value for money too, because all prices quoted here are inclusive of postage charges!

I will update my blog as often as I can so do keep coming back to check out what new items have been posted up for your purchase.

For details on how to contact me for further enquiries and how to make payments, please check out my profile's sidebar.

Thanks for checking out my blog everyone, and happy shopping!

P/S: A BIG BIG thank you to all the reviewers who reviewed my blog and helped with the sales I cant thank you enough! =)


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